10 tips that will help in SEO for Magento E-commerce site

Magento development company

Magento e-commerce sites are used by many e-commerce stores these days. SEO is very important for an e-commerce site because if the SEO factors go smoothly, traffic to the site will increase thereby increasing the sales. Traffic is an essential factor for an e-commerce website. Essentially, SEO knowledge is inevitable for getting high rankings in Google.

Magento development company and SEO

For having a good Magento website, just opt for a good Magento development company. But such company won’t be enough to satisfy SEO. For that, you might need the help of an SEO service company. Only an expert company in SEO service can provide you help in improving SEO rankings of your site. So go for such a company

SEO tips for Magento

If you take care of certain tips in SEO, you can improve the traffic to your Magento e-commerce site. At least, you will be able to understand what has gone wrong in your website that brings a low ranking in SEO. These tips might help you.

  1. Find your technical challenges

The first thing to do is find the technical problems of your site and work on it. You should check for broken links, unreadable URLs and improperly structured URLs on your website. Don’t utilize specific keyword on every page of your website. Use title and meta tag effectively. As there is an option of ‘custom page’ on Magento, you can draw your customers on specific pages on your site.

  1. Convince Google to trust you

You have to win the trust of Google. Google will love your site if you add intellectual contents to World Wide Web. So you should create and issue data-driven contents through your blog and website. This will help you in attracting the attention of Google robots. So publish original and inventive infographics, textual articles, images, and PowerPoint presentations.

  1. Focus on keyword rich URL

You can create human-readable URLs using Magento. Google spiders, as well as human online visitors, love to click on links with human-readable URLs. For initiating this feature on your website, just install a plugin.

  1. Good Social Media skills

Studies show that most of the online customers are active social media users. They gather a lot of information through social media networking before making a purchase. So it is very important to do promotional activities in social media. Connect your website with different social media portals. Engage audience through your social media and give them updated information about your product through it. Thus you can increase traffic to your website.

  1. Give response to your visitors

Make yourself always available online so that your visitors will find it easy to access you. Give proper response to their inquiries so that they feel satisfied. This will increase your fan following.

  1. Post regularly on social media

You have to show that you are consistent for increasing the fan following on your page. For that, you have update your pages regularly. Try to include 3-5 postings in a day. Make sure to renew your pages regularly.

  1. HTML structure of Magento site

The HTML structure of your Magento site is very clear. Give importance to your file structure. Also, make this file structure easily accessible to Google bolts so that you get better indexing. Try to avoid special characters in URL. Web pages should have clear HTML with w3 validations. Updating sitemaps regularly can be made automatic. Give importance to meta descriptions like meta content.

  1. Importance of your Magento Page

Your web pages should be in tune with your title and the relevancy of the site. You can use ‘content block’ in Magento admin panel of this. Avoid irrelevant words in the product description. Use Google keyword planner to choose the right keywords for your site.

  1. Navigation

Use the smooth and user-friendly navigation on your Magento website. Try to use Breadcrumbs to help Google bots to index the content. Avoid more than 3 clicks to reach deep pages. Give importance to page and file structure and also try to include sitemap of navigation so that Google Crawlers will reach your content and index your content easily.

  1. Page Rank

Page rank is the rank you get for a particular keyword. If your page rank is higher, there is more probability of getting good rankings for your keywords. Getting good backlinks will help you in this.

Using this tips will bring more traffic to your Magento E-commerce website. A good Magento development company or a good SEO service company may be useful in providing you with more tricks and tips. Itmarkerz technology will be a good choice for you as both a Magento development company and an SEO service company.