Advantages of Laravel over CodeIgniter

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While it comes to choosing a PHP framework, there is always a confusion whether to choose a Laravel development company or a CodeIgniter development company. PHP is a very popular scripting language that can be used to create dynamic and engaging web pages. But you have to choose the perfect PHP framework for this. Mostly a PHP development company would suggest Laravel as its framework. You can hire a Laravel development company to get the best Laravel development services. But you have to compare Laravel and CodeIgniter to know more about the advantages of Laravel. You should know why Laravel is recommended when it comes to Laravel vs CodeIgniter. Let us have a look at the advantages Laravel development services provide.

  1. Easy to use

Laravel is very easy to use when compared to CodeIgniter. CodeIgniter can be easy for a skilled developer. But for those not, CodeIgniter can be a little complicated whereas Laravel does not need any technical excellence to work on it.

  1. Modern framework

Laravel is a modern framework when compared to CodeIgniter. Laravel has many features like migrations, eloquent models/relationships, a very easy file management system, useful event handlers and test-driven development processes. But CodeIgniter is stuck in the past and doesn’t even include the extensive list of plugins that it provides.

  1. Prominent Framework

The OOP Architecture of Laravel makes it the most prominent framework. Laravel gives the best opportunity to scale. But CodeIgniter is not so scalable like Laravel. This marks a huge difference between Laravel and CodeIgniter.

  1. Useful in building Robust applications

Developers can make use of Laravel to build robust applications using the MVC pattern. Thus large and complex websites can be developed quickly by keeping the user interface and business logic separate. It also has a devoted dependency manager, database agnostic schema builder, expressive syntax, advanced ORM, efficient query building, simplifies routing and simple authentication. So developers prefer to use Laravel to easily develop websites.

  1. Follow good Standards of Development

Laravel uses the best tools like Symfony and Composer to follow the standards. Laravel is a much cleaner framework to work with when compared to CodeIgniter. You can use PHP 7 and HHVM to improve its performance. Laravel has released a package for Vagrant called Homestead that makes developing really easy.

  1. Expressive Syntax

Laravel offers quite expressive and neat syntax for web development. It makes authentication, routing, and sessions easier. Laravel framework also framework bend with the blade template engine in a polish manner.

  1. Offers wide spectrum

Laravel is a credible PHP framework. It offers a vast spectrum of web development solutions in template, theme design, custom development and much more. So many developers and companies opt for Laravel frameworks over other PHP frameworks.

  1. Built-in-authentication

Login options cannot be issued to users using CodeIgniter language. Verifying or Authorizing of users can be done only using CI extensions. Laravel is quite different in this case. It has a wonderful built-in authentication class by which you can easily bestow login option to your users. You can also protect your routes from the users with the help of filters.

  1. Modular Packaging System

CodeIgniter does not have modular split by default. So you cannot keep your code in separate modules. Thus it becomes very difficult to reuse the same existing code. On the other hand, Laravel has a modular wrapping system built in with the help of “bundles” which provide easy addition to the application. So it becomes very easy to add/drop the code across applications.

  1. Creating Namespaces

CodeIgniter does not have the concept of namespaces. You have to use prefix or suffix class instead. Laravel gives you the opportunity to apply a namespace to your code. The namespaces can be used to improve autoload speed drastically,  minor the response time, and better the functionality.


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