Best Drupal Modules that can improve the performance of your blogs


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Need for a Drupal web development company

Forgetting the best Drupal web development service, you would need the best Drupal web development company. There are Drupal modules that can enhance the performance of your blogs. A good Drupal web development company will help you in making use of these modules to improve your blogs. The need for such a company is mandatory for having the desired output.

Blogging has become an inevitable part of businesses today. There are many advantages that blogging provides which includes rand recognition, enhanced traffic, better conversions, improved leads etc. If the blog is effective enough, you can be sure of the increase of visitors to your site. The only thing is that your blog has to be effective enough.

Now, the question is how can I make my blogging effective. Good quality content is something very essential for an effective blogging. But there are certainly other things that can add to your blog’s quality. Apart from providing the viewers valuable information, use interactive tools and navigations so that viewers will also engage with your website. Drupal modules will help you to make your blogging quite engaging. There are so many modules available. Here are the best 5 you can make use of.

  1. Pathauto Module

This is a useful module which helps to organize your content on your Drupal website. Pathauto module creates URL/path aliases automatically for different contents. So you don’t have to mention the path alias. This module also allows you to have URL aliases relied on a pattern system which uses tokens. This can be modified by you. So tokens are an unavoidable part of Pathauto module. Pattern tab, Settings tab, Bulk Update, and Delete tab are the most frequently used tabs in Pathauto Module.

  1. Views Module

This module helps developers to sort and display type of content, date, subject, author, etc. You can also create custom mash-ups of content, creating dynamic grids, lists, reports, tablets, navigation, and RSS feeds using this module. Views module helps you to pull information from your website. The Views can be configured for showing various results based on the interactions of the visitors. Using this module you can modify the views of your blog and create a page layout of your own. Moreover, you can also create a monthly archive with this module.

  1. Taxonomy Module

Taxonomy module is a powerful module that is integrated with Drupal as a feature. You can use this module to create vocabularies and specify terms within it. Then you can tag your content easily with those terms. Taxonomy module provides a list of organizational keywords like Meta tags, Meta descriptions, and categories for your website. You can also customize defined sections of the Drupal site with varied themes using this module.

  1. Similar entries Module

This module helps in searching the related content or articles for the readers by working on specific algorithms. The module provides a list of links to website content connected to the existing node being viewed. Similar entries module uses MYSQL’s FULLTEXT indexing. It integrates itself the important tables to the database for searching content connections.

  1. Radioactive module

It is also known as Radioactivity. This module specifically checks the popularity of content. You can combine the content with views of blocks for the recognition of content using this module. Therefore, Radioactive module acts as a popularity checking tool of the content.

There are many modules that can be used in Drupal. These are the top modules that would be helpful to improve your blogging performance. Make use of them to make your blogging interesting and engaging and thereby bring sales and traffic on your website. You can contact Itmarkerz technologies if you are in search of a Drupal development services company that can help you.