Comparing PHP and Java

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Both PHP and Java have widely used scripting languages. But PHP is gaining more popularity nowadays. Many of the Java web applications are being migrated to PHP. This where the question of comparing Java and PHP arises. The problem is whether Java or PHP is more useful. Let us look into it in detail.

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PHP development service will be delivered to you in high quality if you go for a good PHP development company. PHP is a scripting language that gives wide chances to build web applications that can cater your needs. But you need to have a skilled PHP developer for making the maximum use of PHP. This is the reason why I recommend you to hire a good PHP development company. PHP is free as well as open source. If your company is well-experienced you will probably receive the best PHP development service available.

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Like PHP, developing Java-based applications also require skill and experience. If you hire an expert Java development company, it is sure that you would receive the Java development service you please. Java is the forerunner of web applications and they have an esteemed seat in the row of web languages. Many web applications still continue to run on Java.

PHP vs Java Comparison

Even though both are web languages, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Both have frameworks to create web applications. Java was the one who bought first concepts for web applications. But it was very complicated to create, configure, and deploy them. However, PHP offered an elegant and simple way. This is where the difference between the two starts. The ability to use scriptlets in Java Server Pages were found as unclean. A beautiful design is very important for an internet application as it attracts more users. This is possible with the expandable with dynamic functionality by PHP developers while Java component oriented frameworks are unable to work with it. PHP can also enrich design with functionality.

With the passage of years, both the languages have improved a lot. Java has reduced its complexity, while PHP has brought design concepts. The additional libraries of Java found a correlation to PHP. But there are still differences that make PHP and Java different. Let’s consider them.

  1. Stability

The main issues that PHP faces are the procedural backward compatibility, no real deprecation mechanism, a mess semi platform independent libraries and functionality. However, Java has a clean platform independence and also has well-defined core libraries with appropriate quality standards.

  1. Performance

The slowness of Java has a reason for debate, the newer versions of Java is highly optimized for speed while PHP is still struggling in this area. Although there are solutions in PHP, these are rarely and partly still heavily in development. But there is a plus point for this. This drawback makes scaling of PHP applications fairly simple.

  1. Choice

Both PHP and Java has a lot of modular softwares which are partly free and partly with non-free licenses. But PHP modules expose more problems than those written in Java. Java is better prepared for modularization. Java Frameworks have easier to install, better documented and tested artifacts because of better tool support. PHP tools are also improving in this aspect.

  1. Integration

Java is almost an “Industry Standard” and there are many standard implementations in Java. The selection of libraries for a PHP web application to communicate with a specific protocol is limited. Integration of PHP applications with other services usually happens through the database layer.

However, the use of both PHP and Java depends on the skill of the developer. A developer can make the best use of both these languages if they are well-versed in these languages. That is the reason you are asked to hire the best PHP development company or Java development company. JavaFX desktop application development can also be tried. Itmarkerz technologies is a leading software development company that you can rely on for PHP and Java development services.