How to enhance Mobile App Engagement?



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Mobile App development services are an unavoidable part these days because the number of mobile phone users is increasing day-by-day. It has become mandatory to have a mobile app for every business organization because more customers use mobile phones surf the internet and to become active in the competition, you have to be readily available on the internet. Mobile apps are a very good way to reach the audience faster. To get the best mobile app development service, every business organization is very keen on hiring the best mobile app development service. This proves the importance of mobile apps today.


Now if you have your own app and there are many who have downloaded it, is it engaging your audience? The number of downloads does not reveal the audience’s engagement. There has to be good app-user engagement that is long lasting. Analytics says that even though your app is downloaded a number of times, it may fail to engage users leading to a low user retention rate. With so many apps available in the market, the competition is very high. Also, the studies show that the number of users using mobile apps is increasing at a faster rate. So among these apps, you have to make sure that your mobile app engages the audience. Every mobile app owner is worried about the question how to increase user engagement of mobile apps. Your mobile development company can help you with this. Still knowing some mobile app engagement strategies will enhance mobile app engagement may be helpful for you.  

  1. Create the app according to user’s like

The main thing you have to consider while creating an app is the user’s choice. Your app should impress the users in the first look itself. If you fail, there are many other apps that are in the queue to welcome your users. If the users did not like your app, it is likely that they will delete it within seconds. For avoiding this, you have to make sure that your app is liked by the users and they visit your app again and again. For this, your app has to offer good content, interactivity, and features that will attract your audience. Your app should at least get a 4-star rating in the app market. If not, you have to analyze what went wrong and fix it.

  1. include Social Sharing

Social networking is the trend everywhere. So you have to implement social sharing into your mobile app so that you can make use of the power of social networking. This will also give a chance for the users to share their data and images with their friends through social networking sites. Not only that, a share on social networking sites is a very good medium of marketing. You can get more number of audience through a single share. Thus, a social network sharing feature will be beneficial for you as well as your users.

  1. Make use of Gamification and Promotions

Promotions play a very important role in digital marketing. As the number of mobile users and mobile app users are very high, mobile ads are a very effective means of promotion. So you should also develop mobile-specific promotions that are accessible to only mobile app users. This will encourage participation in the users and will also bring a feel of exclusivity for your mobile app. Gamification is also a good method to engage the audience. You can offer them rewards for posting the pictures of them or their friends using your brand. This will also increase sales.

  1. Track all Event-based interactions

Track the series of events or actions of the users in your app using app analytics. This data will help you in finding the likes and dislikes of your users. The actions of the users reveal their interests. You can use this data for creating personalized and targeted in-app messages that will enhance user experience.

  1. Run Mobile Re-engagement Campaigns

Mobile re-engagement campaigns will prevent losing of your users after downloading the app. They offer a good opportunity for the users to re-engage with your brand. They also bring high ROI and click-through rates. Spending some time and money in re-engagement campaigns will not prove a waste of time. It will remind users about your app and increase user interaction.

Creating a mobile app is not the final step to attract the mobile audience. That is just the beginning. You have to regularly analyze your audience and the time they spend in your app. Make sure that you hire the best mobile app development company for developing your app. Itmarkerz technologies will be a good choice for you in this regard.