Hiring a good PHP developer

Importance of PHP development service


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PHP has become an essential factor in today’s software development field and in business fields. Each and every organization today is need of a website or web application of their own and most of them choose PHP as their scripting language. PHP is used to make CMS and e-commerce platforms like Drupal, Joomla, Magento, WordPress, etc. PHP’s measurability, customization and speed capabilities make it popular among developers and clients. You may be hiring a PHP development company for good PHP development services. But if you are doing a simple project, it is better to hire a good PHP developer instead of a PHP development company. Not only that, a PHP development company also will be sometimes in need of a PHP developer and this blog will be helpful to them also.


Hiring a PHP developer is very beneficial if you are aiming for having a limited budget. A PHP development company may not fit your budget whereas, hiring a dedicated PHP developer will be perfect for you. If you are hiring PHP programmers from India, you will have flexible operations that you can use it to your need. Hiring efficient PHP programmers can bring you good results with optimum agility. If you are keen at reliability, the best option will be to hire a PHP developer from India.

PHP is an open source scripting language. Therefore, it is important that you hire a dedicated PHP developer in India because he/she can make the best use of PHP. PHP can be made the best use of if the PHP developer you hire is an expert. Developing a PHP website is a technical job and you need good technical knowledge for it. So it is very important that you hire a PHP developer with proper knowledge and experience.

You can hire a PHP programmer from a good PHP development company also. This will help you in getting a guaranteed PHP development service. They can handle the work in an organized manner. A company like Itamarkerz technologies can provide you with dedicated PHP developer to fulfill your requirements according to the updated PHP web development services.

Steps to hiring a PHP developer

Now if you have decided to hire a PHP developer, certain steps can help you in getting a dedicated PHP developer. Follow these steps keenly to get the best result.

  1. Hire an advisor first

If you have good knowledge in programming, you can skip this step. But have very little knowledge in programming, it is better that you hire an advisor first. He/She can help you understand what you are dealing with. An advisor can help you learn what PHP is, how does it help your work, and what are the duties of a PHP developer. The advisor will take your vision and goals and will convert them into technical outlines that will be used by developers and coders to work on. The advisor will also help you get a good PHP programmer that suits the best for your project.

  1. Post jobs on websites

Put some job postings on different websites so that you can see what works the best. Each post has to be written differently. Thus you can see which job posting generates the best results. Avoid applications from low-skilled contractors and applications that are scripted. You have to make the description very clear and describe your job in detail. You can also describe how much you are willing to pay. Be strict in selecting the candidates that fulfill these criteria. Your advisor can help you in the technical details of job postings.

  1. Test the candidates with the help of your advisor

You can shortlist some candidates at the end of your selection process. These candidates may have passed the criteria you have provided. But if you are not so knowledgeable in programming, take the help of your advisor to test the skills of the shortlisted candidates. This will help to get the best candidate with technical knowledge from the list of shortlisted candidates.

  1. The final interview

The final interview means evaluating the potential of the candidate. You can find the integrity and responsibility of the candidate from the final interview. You have to ask them questions that will reveal their character and life values. Select the candidates whose values match with your organization’s goal.

  1. Draft the contract

After you have selected the apt candidate, you should draft a contract with the PHP programmer you have selected. It is always good to have a good legal contract between the two parties for a smooth relationship. Include all the rules and definitions of your organizations. It will add strength to your document. Cover all your bases.

Now, you will have the best PHP developer in India who will satisfy your needs. Now you can give the details of your project and get the best result. Make sure that you communicate with him/her regularly so that you have a clear idea of the work process. If you have difficulty in communicating technicalities, take the help of your advisor.