Key Changes In WordPress 4.8 Release

 Wordpress web development


WordPress is one of the favorite CMSs for the developers. Every new version of WordPress comes with new changes and updates.

The news of the release of 4.8 gave a very big excitement to the developers and tech world. Their waiting did not prove useless as WordPress 4.8 brings many new features for the WordPress web development.

WordPress web development company and developers have started to bring advanced WordPress web development using the new WordPress 4.8. It is a great tool for Laravel web development.

To know about the new WordPress 4.8 means to know the changes and features that WordPress has brought in its latest release.

We can have a look at key changes that are embedded in WordPress 4.8.

  1. New Visual Editor

   Earlier, beginners and users who did not know HTML were unable to add links or use basic formatting in the text widget. The new Visual Editor brings a change to this situation. Now there is no need to write HTML code or integrate a plugin to display images in WordPress. It allows users to easily navigate and add links, creates texts etc., without typing HTML code.

  1. Advancements in Widgets

WordPress 4.8 brings you three new widgets- image, audio, and video. You can make use of these widgets to create extremely good websites.

  • As mentioned earlier, Image widget allows you to add images without writing HTML code. Just upload an image from the widget or choose one from the WordPress library and it is done.
  • The new Audio widget helps to add audio to the site easily without any coding or third-party plugin. You just have to drag and drop the audio to the widget area, click on add file and then select the audio or upload a new one. By saving the changes, the audio will be displayed in the widget area.
  • Like the audio widget, videos can be included in the site in the same way with the help of the Video widget.
  1. WordPress news and events dashboard widget

  This one is to replace the older WordPress news widget. The earlier one only displayed WordPress news, while newer one will display information about WordPress news and WordPress events near your location. It will be appearing on the WordPress dashboard page. If there are multiple users, the widgets show news and events based on each user’s location. Locations can be edited to know the news and events of other locations too.

  1. Enhancements for developers.

           Wordpress 4.8 brings changes for the developers too. Some changes are made to help developers work with ease and creativity.

  • Changes are made in panel headings like outside contents need not be included in admin-area headings now.
  • File formats that require Silverlight plugin, are removed from core support. Files will be displayed as download links, but will not be embedded automatically.
  • New hooks and new tweaks have been added to have more control over the site. Also, user counts per network is added.
  • The addition of TinyMCE to the text widget will help plugin authors a lot. The new JavaScript API will incarnate editor after page load. Many customizations can be made with plugins and buttons with this.
  • The new media widget REST API has made it easier to create new media widgets. So we can wait for more to come.
  • New responsive breakpoints have been added to customize the sidebar so as to suit the higher resolution screens.

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