Why is Laravel the best PHP framework?


Laravel the best PHP framework

 Laravel the best PHP framework

Choosing the right PHP framework for your web application is very important in software development. Among the many PHP frameworks, Laravel is gaining much popularity these days. Most of the business organizations are running behind a good Laravel development company to get the best Laravel development services. As PHP is the popular scripting language, everyone wants the top PHP framework to power their websites. There is a high demand for Laravel development services when it comes to the top PHP frameworks. If your question is why use Laravel, then there are many reasons for it. Let us check them.

  1. Authorization technique

It is very easy to implement authorization techniques in Laravel. The configurations are extraordinary in Laravel. organize authorization logic and control access to resources in a simple way using Laravel.

  1. Object-oriented Libraries

The Object-Oriented Libraries and many pre-installed ones it has, makes Laravel one of the best frameworks of PHP. These are not found in any other popular PHP frameworks. For example, Authentication is a pre-installed library which is easy to implement and has many advanced features.

  1. Artisan

Artisan is a built-in tool offered by Laravel. It can be used to perform the majority of those repetitive and tedious programming tasks that most of the developers avoid performing manually.

  1. MVC Support

Laravel supports MVC Architecture like Symfony. Thus it ensures clarity between logic and presentation. It also helps in improving the performance, allows better documentation, and has multiple built-in functionalities. This is one of the reasons why Laravel stands as the best in PHP frameworks.

  1. Security

Making the application secure is one of the most important tasks you have to do while developing an application. Laravel is a PHP framework that takes care of the security within its framework. The password would never save as the plain text in the database because Laravel uses salted and hashed password. Laravel uses bcrypt hashing algorithm for generating an encrypted representation of a password. It also uses prepared SQL statements that can make injection attacks unimaginable. Besides, Laravel also offers a simple way to escape user input that will avoid user injection of a <script> tag.

  1. Database Migration

Developers have to keep the database in sync between development machines which is a difficult task for them. Laravel database migrations have made this task quite simple. If you keep all of the database work in migrations and seeds, you can easily migrate the changes into any other development machine you have.

  1. Laracasts

Laracasts are a mix of free and paid video tutorials that show you how to use Laravel. This will help developers to learn more in order to deliver more. The videos are made by Jeffery Way who is an expert and experienced instructor. The production quality of the videos are high, and the lessons are well-thought out and meaningful.

  1. Blade Templating Engine

Laravel offers a very intuitive Blade Templating Engine which helps to work with the typical PHP/HTML spaghetti so much better. Thus you can effortlessly chop up an if statement with HTML inside of it.

  1. Responsible Interface

This is a new feature added in Laravel which is used to implement the interface which can be returned by using controller method. Then the router will check for the instance of Responsible when preparing the response from “Illuminate\Routing\Router”.

  1. Automatic Package Discovery

Automatic Package Discovery is a new feature in Laravel which detects the packages automatically which users want to install. Thus users don’t have to setup any aliases or providers from installing new packages in Laravel. You can also disable this feature for specific packages.

These qualities make Laravel one of the best PHP frameworks. If you are planning to use Laravel for developing your web application, make sure that you hire a good Laravel development company or PHP development company for this. Itmarkerz technologies will be a good choice for you.