How to Merge Google Adsense in your Joomla Website?

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Advantages of Joomla over WordPress has made many organizations hire a Joomla development company to develop their website. You will be pleased with the features that Joomla is providing. The Joomla development company may have helped you to make use of all the benefits Joomla is providing. Even though you are happy with the best Joomla development services you have got, you have to think of something more.

Monetizing a website is something very important when considering the traffic of a website. When you feel that you need to earn some money from your website, the first option is Google Adsense. Merging Google Adsense in your Joomla website will help you to earn from your content-based website. You can integrate AdSense in your Joomla website by copying the Javascript or HTML code and paste it in Custom HTML Module. But this will be very difficult to understand for the non-technical people. There are some tips to help you merge the Google Adsense in your Joomla website like a professional and without errors.

  1. Setup the Adsense Module

Download the Adsense Module from the website and install it. Then go to Joomla Administrator and click on Joomla Module. After that, go to ‘New’ and click on ‘Sponsored Links’. Then you have to decide a name for the module and enter it in the given space. Click on the option ‘Don’t show the title’. Assign a position for the module on your website without publishing the module. Then go to Menu Assignment and click on Publish Module for publishing the module.

  1. Setup the Module Parameters

First of all, go to Parameters and select Module Parameters. You will get options for blocking specific IPs or add advance but optional features to your website in the Advance or Module Parameters. You will get information about Middle-Class Suffix, Publisher ID, Channel Number and Div CSS codes in the first part. Create a backup of this information.

  1. Choose the colors technically

The use of colors depends on the ad given by the advertiser to display. The ad should be well-blended with the colors you choose. The ad can be visibly seen by the visitors. Don’t use borders for the ads as borderless ads are more efficient in blending with the ads. Test and experiment different colors and decide one which best suits the website.

  1. Improve the Performance of Ads by setting up the Google Adsense Channels

The success of your monetary goals depends on the performance and placement of ads. Google Adsense Channels can be used to measure the performance of every ad individually. For setting up the Google Adsense Channels and linking the ads to be tracked with them, log in to your Google Adsense account. Then go to Adsense Setup tab and click ‘Channels’. Click ‘Add New Custom Channels’ from the new bar. Then decide a name for the channel and enter it in the given field and click ‘Add Channel’.

  1. Attract more advertisers with Ad Placement Option

You can improve the value of your website and attract more visitors with ad placement option. For this, log in to your Google Adsense account and go to Adsense Setup and then go to Channels. Select a Channel for placing the advertisement and go to the ‘Edit Settings’ of the chosen Channel. Click to activate this checkbox shown and then click on Save to activate the settings.

  1. Choose the Right Position for placing the Ad

The position of placing the ad depends on the position of the website on the search engine. If your website is new, you need to give a more prominent position to the advertisers whereas the optimized websites may give some down position to the advertisers. You can make use of the Joomla template Module Position to choose the desired position of the ad. Google Adsense Module settings also help you to select the position of the ad.

  1. Check the Ad Placement Position

Make sure to check the placement and position of the websites every time you add a new ad to the website or change the settings of existing ads. You can check the ad position as a visitor by logging out of your Google Adsense account. You can check the position and placement of the ad on your responsive website on different screens including mobile phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop.

These tips will help you to successfully integrate Google Adsense into your Joomla website. If you face difficulty in implementing this, you can hire a good Joomla development company like Itmarkerz technologies for help.