Reasons why Joomla CMS is best for startup business

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Startup business has been a dream for many. Among the many things needed for a startup, a good CMS is an essential part because you cannot avoid technology and internet from any of the businesses. But you have to be utmost careful while choosing a CMS for the startup. If your CMS fails, it can affect your whole business and shatter your dreams.

Joomla web development service

Let’s start with the basics of Joomla. Joomla is an open source CMS for publishing web content. Joomla is absolutely free. It is built on model-view-controller web application framework. There are many companies available for developing Joomla services. The thing is that you should choose the best Joomla web development company that will fulfill your requirements.

Why Joomla?

Many say that Joomla is the best CMS for startups. There are many reasons also for it. You check the reasons yourself and come to a conclusion whether Joomla is the best one for a startup business or not.

  1. Open Source Platform

This feature is the main thing that attracts many developers. As Joomla is open-sourced, flexibility is more. The codes are open for all modifications and so developers get the flexibility to change the source codes. For a startup business, website’s customization matters a lot and Joomla is perfect for this. As the source codes are available for free, you can change the features of your website without any effort.

  1. Enhanced Usability

Enhanced Usability is another feature that Joomla CMS provides. Joomla can be used for creating simple, smaller, larger, and complex e-commerce websites. There are many options available in Joomla from which you can choose the best for your website. Thus, Joomla will provide enhanced usability, especially for the startups. You can also develop government applications, online magazines, online communities, and organization websites using Joomla.

  1. Easy accessibility

Joomla is a very simple CMS. You can create websites using Joomla without any technical experience. You don’t even need good experience in coding for having websites in Joomla. For having a live Joomla website on the internet, you just have to install the Joomla CMS, then edit and manage the content. Easy accessibility is yet another attracting factor of Joomla.

  1. Community-driven

Joomla is a community-driven CMS and you will the help from many experts to solve most of the technical queries. This will help the users as well as their clients to have a more responsive website. Moreover, new updates, modules, and extensions are always created on a regular basis so that you can modify your website according to the latest trends and requirements. You can download them for free and also get the assistance from community members.

  1. Different Templates with Easy Extensibility

Joomla offers different themes and templates to choose from for your startup business. These themes and templates are always updated with new features. Also, you can select templates very easily in Joomla. You don’t have to put any efforts for it. Joomla comes with many extensions. So you can easily give any identity or functionality to the Joomla CMS according to your needs. You can create websites on any topic using Joomla CMS.

  1. Easy Transferring

This CMS also allows you to transfer your Joomla website to another developer easily. You can also transfer your Joomla website from one server to another. If you have any trouble with the server in which you have created your Joomla website, you easily transfer your website to another server by migrating it from one server to another.

  1. User-friendly administration and effective customer support

Joomla comes equipped with WYSIWIG editor and so administration of Joomla CMS is easy for the site owners. You only need word processing skills for it. As Joomla is a community-driven CMS, the customer service is very effective. You can easily submit a bug or any other technical issue to the community and the problem will be solved quickly and efficiently by the expert developers in the community.

These advantages of Joomla may have given a good idea of how Joomla becomes perfect for a startup business. It is highly powerful in creating blogs, e-commerce sites, and other corporate sites. You can also easily manage and modify your sites if you are using Joomla CMS. If you need a good Joomla website, hire a well-experienced Joomla web development company for help. Itmarkerz technologies will be a good choice for you.