Reasons why WooCommerce is the best for E-commerce websites


E-commerce website development services

If you search for what is WooCommerce, it is an open-source e-commerce plugin. It can be used for small and large-size e-commerce websites using WordPress. There are many plugins available for e-commerce websites. But WooCommerce has high popularity among them. Many e-commerce websites rely on WooCommerce to design their websites. Easy access is something that attracts many users towards e-commerce. 

WooCommerce development service and company

There are many companies for developing WooCommerce websites. You can get good WooCommerce development service if you choose the right company for your website. Itmarkerz technologies will be a good choice if you are adamant in getting the best one for your website.

Reasons why WooCommerce

There are many reasons as to why to choose WooCommerce for your e-commerce website. If you are still in a doubt in choosing WooCommerce, the advantages WooCommerce provides will help you take a decision. Let’s have look at the advantages WooCommerce provides.

  1. Multiple Customizations

WooCommerce offers a wide range of themes that you can choose from. There are also options to customize your web pages according to the themes. The themes available in WooCommerce gives you a professional and creative look. As the users feel it easy to use the website, the traffic to the site will also be increased.

  1. Good Analytics

WooCommerce helps you to get the everyday stats for the visitors and sales of the product. You will get the details of the number of visitors, everyday sales, customer stats and other sections using this plugin. These data are represented by the graph on the WooCommerce and will help you in improving your website. Thus tracking of the order and sales becomes easy through WooCommerce.

  1. Extensions

When you are using WooCommerce for your website, you get many extensions. These include SMS notifications, sales report emails, customer history, Vat rules, product costs, coupon campaigns, and recommendations. These plugins give more convenience to the users as well as owners. You can also integrate your website with the third-party services like Google analytics, Zapier, Kissmetrics, and Mixpanel.

  1. Better Shipping Options

WooCommerce also allows you to comfortably ship your products locally as well as internationally. You can handle logistics, shipping, and payments in a clean manner using WooCommerce. There is also an option called shipping calculator where the shipping price is visible only when the user enters the shipping address. You can also create shipping zones using WooCommerce.

  1. Security and updates

Security is something that acts as a base for a website. Every data of your e-commerce website is your responsibility and has to be kept as secure as possible. You should make sure that your users purchase and make transactions in the most secure way. WooCommerce provides the best-secured gateway for your e-commerce website. There is a professional plugin security leader that gives good security for the websites. WooCommerce also provides regular updates for more security.

  1. Flexible and free of cost

WooCommerce is a highly flexible plugin in WordPress. The free service of WooCommerce provides flexibility even for the newbies without technical skills. As it as an open-source plugin, you can make maximum use of the flexibility it provides. WooCommerce offers many services which are free of cost. You can download WooCommerce free of cost. As most of the features of WooCommerce are free of cost, it is the favorite of many developers.

  1. Existing developers and user-base

As mentioned earlier, many developers worldwide are users of WooCommerce as it is free of cost and open-sourced. Other features like integration with other websites, the variety of extensions and multiple customizations have also attracted many developers. So there is a steep increase in the number of user-base for WooCommerce. Thus, business owners can get a WooCommerce website development company or a developer easily for creating their website without much trouble.

  1. CRM and Store Management

You can have a good  Customer Relation Management and Store Management using WooCommerce. There is an option for opening a customer account within the website that is safe and secure for shopping and transactions. The user can timely control the accounts and registrations. For more security, customers can choose automated generated passwords. The payment gateways are also perfectly integrated so the customers can get their refunds in just a click.


WooCommerce apps are also available which can be comfortably used in mobile phones and other mobile devices. Even though Woocommerce is simple, it can be used for creating highly professional websites. If you have any trouble in installing WooCommerce, a video tutorial is available to help you. As WooCommerce is open-sourced, you can self-host the website without the help of other hostings. There are many more features that WooCommerce provides. On the whole, WooCommerce will be the best choice for your e-commerce website development services.