Ways to increase your Magento Online Store’s Conversions and Sales


Magento Development Services

You might have hired the best Magento development company to set up your Magento Online Store. The Magento development company may have provided you with an impressive website that can catch the eye of visitors. Magento is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms with more than 200000 online e-commerce stores. So there is high competition in this field, and to gain profit among these many e-commerce stores is difficult. You might be wanting to increase your Magento Online Store’s conversions and sales. So here are some tips that will help you.

  1. Launch a mobile-first online shop

More than half of the e-commerce traffic is now through mobile devices. Most of the people shop through mobile devices today. So using a responsive design is not only recommended by Google itself but also ensures easier upgradability & allows you to use only one digital strategy for everything. This will give best user experience to your mobile customers.

  1. Use a professionally designed Magento theme design

It is always better to use a custom Magento design converts better than a free Magento theme because every online store is unique. Using a free Magento theme will affect your uniqueness as it will be used by numerous online stores. Also, free themes don’t provide technical support. You can rely on a good Magento development company to create a custom theme for you. Integrate themes that are easily upgradable. Free themes cannot provide unique features or additional functions. So make sure not to use free themes for your online store.

  1. Customize the shopping cart page

In e-commerce, a customer arriving at the shopping cart page is considered as a big achievement. You should prompt the visitor to click on “Proceed to Checkout” as soon as possible. By default, Magento theme uses a design that is not at all optimized for conversions. You have to ensure you optimize the shopping cart page for more conversions. This will bring you double the amount of sales in your online store.

  1. Use One Page Checkout Booster

Default Magento Checkout Page can ruin the user experience a lot with its lengthy checkout process. Visitors may abandon your site just because of this reason. Take the effort to simplify the checkout and reduce it to minimal steps for faster order processing. You have to pay great attention to all the segments of your checkout page from layout to content and navigation to usability.

  1. Localise your Magento Shop to specific countries

If you are selling globally, you have to make your visitors understand that you offer international shipping. This is very simple. Simply use an IP identification method and then redirect your customers to a Magento store view in their language. Using local languages will also impress visitors.

  1. Optimize the Magento Product Page and the Product Search

Optimizing the Magento Product Page and the Product Search will bring you better conversions. Make sure that when users search for same products in singular or plural the search result should be same.You can also add product tags in your online store for showing up in the search results. Make sure to use only high-quality product images so that customers can easily get a clear idea about your product. Your default image should be of highest quality.

  1. Avoid Performance bottlenecks and optimize for speed

Don’t kill the shopping experience of your customers by making them wait. Optimizing for high performance not only ensures a better SEO. All pages should load as fast as possible, especially the checkout page.

  1. Work on your USP’s

Unique Selling Points cuts through the mental barriers of the customers and make way for higher conversions.

Trying these tips will help you increase the conversions and sales of your online Magento store. You can hire a leading Magento e-commerce development company like Itmarkerz if you want an expert help to implement these tips to your online store.