WordPress plugins that are best for E-commerce sites

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WordPress has become the favorite for E-commerce websites. Those in need for an engaging E-commerce website prefer a WordPress development company. Maybe an E-commerce development company would also prefer WordPress. A leading WordPress development company will be apt for your E-commerce web development services. If the question is why WordPress for E-commerce then the answer is the features and plugins that WordPress provides. Its accessibility and user-interface are also amazing.

Those who are ready to use WordPress for their E-commerce development service, then you would need some plugins that can help you. Here I list the top 10 WordPress plugins that will be useful for your E-commerce site.

  1. WP E-commerce

It is a fully customizable plugin that is compatible with WordPress. WP E-commerce provides Paypal integration and other payment options that make it useful for store owners. It works out of the box and gives multiple options that will enhance your E-commerce store. Google sitemaps, new product widget, flexible coupon rules, Bulk purchase discounts, Google base integration etc., are some of the features that WP E-commerce provides. The drag and drop option provided by this plugin makes it comfortable for the customers. WP E-commerce is SEO-friendly and also provides SSL certificate and catalogue management.

  1. WooCommerce

This is an extendable E-commerce platform for WordPress which is simple as well as powerful. With around 2 million downloads, WooCommerce is gaining wide popularity. WooCommerce is a plugin that can surely boost up your E-commerce store. You can customize your E-commerce store according to your needs using this plugin. It has a user-friendly interface that provides the customer comfortable shopping. It also offers Paypal Gateways and other payment options for easy shopping and payment. There are also opportunities to socially link your store.

  1. Jigoshop

This plugin will be highly useful for the big brands and big people. Jigoshop offers great functionality and customizability and also many features that will satisfy every need of your E-commerce store. You can also offer affiliate products, group products, and other products using this plugin. The sales reports provided by Jigosoft allows you to have a track on your online store and the stocks available. It also offers different shipping methods and has a strong support community.

  1. Shopp

Shopp is a professional plugin. You don’t need any security add-ons as this plugin has a secure cart integrated within it. Catalogue management, discount features, multiple image options etc., are some of the features provided by Shopp. This plugin is also SEO-friendly. To enhance the user-experience, Shopp uses a Javascript enabled responsive design. For starters, there is a free package available.

  1. Easy Digital Downloads

This plugin allows easy digital downloads. Unlike other plugins, Easy Digital Downloads is character-specific and caters to a very specific market. The features this plugin brings out gives more user-experience. It does not have a huge number of features but provides all the basic ones necessary for an online store. This plugin also provides various payment gateway options.

  1. Cart66 Lite

It is one of the easiest plugins to be installed for WordPress. It helps you to manage orders, promotions, shopping options etc as it is integrated with Paypal and Amazon 3. Cart66 also allows you to do your taxes without much hassle. You can even send customized currencies and emails through this plugin. The plugin is available free, but to enjoy every feature of it, it is better to configure and use it.

  1. iThemes Exchange

This is a plugin developed by iThemes. The simple interface it provides helps you to work with ease. iThemes Exchange is a fully customizable plugin and it is compatible with WordPress. It provides all the features that you would need to set up an E-commerce site. The plugin also provides priority support for privileged members. It also provides Paypal integration and other payment options to make selling and paying much easier.

  1. Eshop

You can sell and create your products using Eshop. The customer sign-ups provided by Eshop helps to bring out a strong relationship with the customers. The plugin also helps to offer downloadable products and various shipping methods. Various payment options are provided to receive money without trouble and there are options to calculate taxes also. It is easy to install as well as easy to use.

  1. Ecwid

This plugin is free and full of features. It is also user-friendly and easy to set up. You can even use this plugin on your mobile phone. The most important feature provided by Ecwid is the mirror function that provides you one central dashboard to manage the carts on several websites. The plugin also provides a paid plan in which more features like volume discounts, discount codes and inventory management is available.  

  1. WPdeposit

This plugin can be a very good deposit system. If you want a deposit system for advertisements or subscriptions you can go for this plugin. WPdeposit allows you to set up an accredited system. This plugin offers a manual bank payment that serves as a guide to help you create and customize the modules for your site. It also offers different payment gateways too.

WordPress offers different plugins to make your E-commerce site more impressive and easy-to-use one filled with many features. The thing you should have for making use of effective plugins is a good WordPress development company. Itmarkerz technologies will be the perfect one for you that provides excellent WordPress development services.